At present, the main products are: granite slab automatic burner, marble filling drying line, composite slab drying line, thin slab drying line, waste material dumper, plate dumper, large saw ferry, trolley, sewage treatment facilities, etc. In addition, it also provides installation, commissioning and maintenance of imported equipment and second-hand equipment. Among them, our'FIRESTAR'brand automatic burner is already a well-known brand, not only widely used in large domestic manufacturers, but also exported to Vietnam and India and other countries.
This is an era of advocating innovation, and it is also a country advocating innovation. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, customer demand continues to upgrade, providing high value-added, competitive products become an urgent need for enterprise development. Since 2006, Fuqiao Machinery has provided many customers with products and upgrades, at the same time, with its own advanced scientific research advantages and rich product innovation experience, based on existing product resources, the opportunity to extend independent research and innovation is ripe. Since then, Fu Qiao has opened the road of research and development of its own products in Shiqiao machinery industry.

Concept innovation:
Firestar has been adhering to the value of "integrity, gratitude, innovation, excellence" to the attitude of a hundred rivers, actively learning and enterprising, global-oriented, peer-oriented, so that the development concept of enterprises can keep up with or even exceed the pace of market development.

Product innovation:
Firestar has many years of production practice and cooperation experience with many well-known foreign stone machinery manufacturers. The developed products not only absorb the advanced nature of foreign models, but also adapt to the actual situation in China.

Technological innovation:
Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The competition of modern enterprises has become more and more dependent on science and technology. Strengthening technological innovation has become a new trend in the development of modern enterprises.

Management Innovation:
The company has set up innovation columns and rationalization suggestion awards to encourage staff and workers to carry out innovative activities such as technological innovation, tackling key technical problems and technological inventions.

Marketing Innovation:
Firestar machinery adheres to the people-oriented, cost-effective products to contribute to society, so that customer satisfaction maximization.

Our goal is to continuously develop useful products and contribute to China's stone processing industry.
Firestar keep Moving Fordward,No Stopping.

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